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    Chimneys and exhaust systems in high-quality

    Jeremias is one of the world's leading manufacturers of chimney systems, offering high-quality and innovative solutions in all areas of heat and energy production from residential building construction to the industrial sector!

    25 years warranty!

    Chimneys, stove pipes and chimney accessories - the world of Jeremias UK Ltd.

    Since more than 40 years Jeremias is one of the world-leading manufacturers and stands for excellent quality in the area of exhaust pipes, chimneys and flue systems. Long-term and sustainable business, coupled with dedicated employees, have lead to the top of the industry. Since the beginning we had the claim to reach the highest quality, reliability and environmental consciousness.

    In the past years we steadily enlarged our product portfolio. Today, in addition to the modular stainless steel chimney, we offer many other products. From the innovative F90 lightweight chimney, through the modern concentric balanced flue system, to industrial chimneys and chimney accessories such as flue gas silencers, flue gas dampers, the entire range is appreciated by wholesalers, processors and end customers.

    Stainless steel chimney - the modern chimney

    Old bricked chimney are not very flexible to use. Their position in the building is not changeable and thus the connection points for stoves and other fireplaces are limited.

    As an alternative, twin wall flue systems have been established more and more in the past years.  Stainless steel flue pipes made by Jeremias are flexible and modular to install outside the building. Premium quality chimneys by Jeremias are among the best-selling chimney systems in the world.

    Additionally, flue pipes  can also be used for the chimney relining of existing bricked chimneys which can become mock or otherwise unusable, for example due to changing the fireplace to a more modern one with lower flue gas temparatures. In order to reduce the diameter of the chimney according to the lower flue gas temperatures, a single wall flue pipe will be pulled into the bricked chimned and then connected to the modern fireplace.