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    Leak testing

    Some installations, especially pressure tight flues for Gen-sets or CHP require a leak testing on site. Jeremias has the necessary tooling to carry out these leak tests and can provide the requested reports.

    These site tests are not always necessary as Jeremias works under the CE standards EN-1856-1 and-2 for metallic modular system production and carries out regular internal test at the production sites to guarantee the small tolerances of an automatic standardized production and the Jeremias systems are CE certified for the highest pressure recorded in the standards H1= 5.000 Pa.

    Jeremias has conducted and audited internal pressure tests for 25.000 Pa certifying that the leakage rate is under the CE requirements for H1 at 5.000 Pa. This is an amazing performance for the highest engineered system in the market the DW-FS, twin wall insulated flanged system with graphite gasket.

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