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    Chimney installation

    Turnkey installs in UK & Ireland

    Chimney installation

    Jeremias UK Ltd. as a chimney specialist offers turnkey chimney installs to the M&E companies and Principal Contractors in the UK & Ireland.

    Jeremias UK Ltd. has dedicated installation teams and a contacts department that will coordinate your installation from day one providing the guarantee that the installation is done correctly, in the agreed time frame and using only the best quality materials.

    In its almost 10 years history in the UK Jeremias has installed thousands of systems, from small size flues for Micro CHP units in hospitals and office buildings up to large free standing or mast supported chimneys for numerous heating system plants.

    With our expertise we are confident there is not a system that we cannot plan, manufacture and install assuring the quality management from the very beginning till the end.

    25 years warranty!