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    Single-wall systems

    High quality chimneys made of stainless steel or plastic (PP) for relining of the existing brick chimneys or as a connection between boiler and chimney.


    Conduit de fumée en simple paroi en polypropylène flexible

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    The PPS ranges offered by JEREMIAS make it possible to carry out all the renovation and new installations, for single applications of gas or oil-fired CONDENSING boilers. JEREMIAS offers you complete kits for quick and safe installation. Thanks to its FLEX-PPS range, the risks associated with condensing applications are eliminated:

    • Flexible PPS made of high quality synthetic materials
    • Resistant to UV rays
    • Strong tensile strength
    • Flexibility of the pipe
    • Wide choice of diameters

    We recommend to install the PPS systems using the lubricant supplied for this purpose.



    The most resistant PPS Liner on the market

    The FLEX-PPS flex Liner offers a wide variety of coil lengths from diameters 60 to 160mm and allows the installation of small and large „condensing“ appliances. EW-PPS is the perfect complement for FLEX-PPS ducts and TWIN-PL. Used both horizontally and vertically, it is designed to withstand UV (black color) and meets the requirements of condensing systems. The system can be cut to size and allows a very simple assembly.



    Lengths can be cut
    Connecting and relining system
    PPS with anti-UV additives




    • Working temperature up to 200ºC.
      Pressure class: P1
      Wet working conditions W
      Suggested clearance to combustibles 50 mm.
    • Material: Polipropilene
    • Finishing: black mat
    • Wall thickness: 2 mm
    • Available diameters: 60 - 80 - 100 - 110 - 125 - 160



    • Chaudières murales étanches
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    DN60 - 110
    T120 - H1 - W2 - 000 - LI - E - U0

    >DN110 - 160
    T120 - P1 - W2 - 000 - LI - E - U0

    25 years warranty!