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    Jeremias UK Ltd along with Willis & Thornley Ltd Current Policy – COVID 19

    To all our customers and supply chain:


    In light of recent developments and the advice given by the UK Government in the last few days I am writing to inform you that Jeremias UK Ltd & Willis & Thornley Ltd will be suspending all non-essential contractual works as of close of play today 31st March 2020 until further notice.


    This will affect all installations of our product both Commercial & Industrial to some degree.


    We will however continue to operate remotely in relation to but not also limited to:

    Sales – Estimating – Design – Technical Support - Production – Installations where possible to do so safely with our people.


    We offer this based on being able to support the construction industry through the current climate and hope that this will give our customers some assurance that we at Jeremias UK Ltd & Willis & Thornley Ltd intend to progress through this unprecedented time as best we possibly can.


    Our people are working remotely and are available through email to support you.


    With a heavy heart and great deliberation and debate we, as a company will be implementing these measures to protect our workforce and those around them, family and colleagues.
    We do not believe that the work we are currently undertaking is 100% essential and therefore will heed the advice given around social distancing and non-essential travel. The majority effect is our site attendance to carry out design measures and installations. We believe that by doing this short term as per government advice we will be back up and running in a more effective manner to support you our customer. It is difficult to secure 2mtr social distancing in our operational duties on sites, as we require 2 people to not only travel to work but work in close proximity with each other, not allowing the government guidelines to be adhered to for the safety of our people.


    We are however trying to support all our essential projects to ensure they have the project delivered as best we can with all relevant guidelines followed.


    Further to this our supply chain for many items required to safely install our product is understandably diminishing as a reliable source across the UK, that assist in the service we provide are closing the business in a similar manner to protect their employees and families, which we all are doing as best we possibly can, making it harder to have materials and plant delivered to site.


    Jeremias UK Ltd & Willis & Thornley may well be asking for volunteers throughout the temporary situation to help with works on essential projects but this decision will solely be that of the employees / supply chain and will be backed by Jeremias UK Ltd & Willis & Thornley if they feel they personally cannot risk their own, or their family, friends and loved one’s health. This we need to understand and support as a responsible business.


    We hope that everybody stays safe during this time and look forward to resuming in the very near future with all of you who we operate with every year.


    Kind Regards

    Carl Bak and Robert Willis
    Managing Directors
    Jeremias UK Ltd & Willis & Thornley


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