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    Jeremias UK Innovate to reduce injuries at work

    Jeremias constantly review how its products perform and ways in which it can improve those products, especially for its employees, customers and end users.

    One if the key USP of the product is its weight per metre. A focus on manual handling has been identified, recognised and where possible designed out for our own people and our customers and end users.

    A factor for us is the HSE guide Getting to Grips with Manual Handling (INDG 143)


    More than a third of all over-three-day injuries reported each year to HSE and local authorities are caused by manual handling - the transporting or supporting of loads “by hand or by bodily force”


    Jeremias have significantly reduced this risk by producing standard one metre stainless steel flue sections under the 20kg HSE guidelines for those that use the product where pushing & pulling of loads is a factor.


    The benefits are as follows:


    Easier to handle when going through the production process and ensuring our people and their welfare are recognised.


    The Environmental impact for our logistics is considered as the product weighs less than many other similar products within the marketplace, making it ergonomically better for loading & unloading, with less fuel used per delivery mile.


    Being safer and easier to handle around construction sites to the work area, safer to lift into position whether manually or mechanically. Making the product easier to manoeuvre when making the connections, less pressure and force on suspension systems, putting less load into a building structure design.


    All of this means that Jeremias have significantly undertaken the engineering required to design out risk and reduced the risk of works related upper limb disorders, manual handling injuries and reduced our carbon footprint with less material, energy & fuel.

    All of this and we give our product guarantee across all our products for 25 years

    25 years warranty!