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    Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

    We offer you the best flue solution for any application.

    Wood stoves and fireplaces

    Jeremias offers a large number of connecting pipes and chimneys specifically designed for the exhaust of wood burning stoves and fireplaces.The combination of high-quality materials used, the fantastic design of the recessed looking bands and the German engineered components make the Jeremias Systems unique in the UK Flue and Chimney market.

    Our DW ECO 2.0 Twin wall insulated HETAS listed system has not any thermal bridge using the high density rigid rockwool insulation make the installation easy allowing the cut of the lengths on-site what is a real advantage and unique for the Jeremias double wall insulated chimney systems.

    Besides the twin wall solutions, Jeremias offers a wide range of connecting pipes FERRO LUX in thick black steel painted with high-temp paint (exactly the same as the wood burning stove) as alternative the EW VITRO system our premium wood stove pipe is a vitreous enamelled pipe system or the EW BIOMASS our 316 1mm stainless steel pipe.

    The Jeremias Solid fuel flue range is completed by the double wall stainless steel flue liner EW FLEX; strong flexible and reliable

    All the systems are designed to fulfilled all the installation requirements in the UK and offer a great range of accessories to make the chimney sweeping easy and clean

    DW-ECO 2.0 316

    Chimenea modular metálica para la evacuación de humos

    Factory-made twin wall insulated chimney system made in stainless steel AISI 316 in the inner liner and AISI 304 outer liner

    EW-ECO 316

    Factory-made rigid single wall relining flue and chimney system made in stainless steel AISI 316


    316 stainless steel 1mm connecting pipe


    Single wall flexible stainless steel exhaust system for relining of chimneys with offset.


    Stove pipe made out of sheet steel for the connection to wood stoves and for the usage in the living area and in the field of vision, dry operation mode


    Black matt vitreous enamel flue pipe a stove pipe made out of steel  for the connection to wood burning stoves and fireplaces.  recessed male connection without locking bands. Usage in the living area and field of vision.


    Stove pipe made out of stainless steel with inner gasket for the connection to pellet stoves.  Usage in the living area and field of vision.

    25 years warranty!