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    Jeremias UK Ltd.

    A success story going to be continued

    Jeremias UK Ltd. - A success story to be continued

    Jeremias UK Ltd was established in 2009 with the aim of becoming one of the largest chimney and flue system specialists in the UK covering the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

    After 9 years and with a 2,000 m² stock area and offices with directly integrated production unit of 500m², the Jeremias UK Ltd operation is unique in the Jeremias group by controlling the processes from production through to installation.

    In 2018 with the integration of Willis and Thornley "Industrial Design & Manufacturing Engineers" Jeremias UK has become the only UK Chimney Manufacturer that can produce in-house all the types of systems needed for the exhaust of smoke and gases.

    Jeremias is focused in providing the most reliable service in the UK and combines the complete Know-How of the Jeremias group:

    • Special component design
    • Manufacturing
    • Flue design - supply
    • Installation
    • Comissioning
    • Technical support


    25 years warranty!